Over October 4 and 5 in Madison, Wisconsin, cannabis advocates celebrated the 44th annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival, yet despite playing host to one of the oldest marijuana rallies in the nation and a noted Progressive history, Wisconsin does not have a medical marijuana law and also has some of the toughest cannabis possession penalties of any state … to find out more about this year’s harvest gathering and the distinct political challenges of reforming marijuana laws in Wisconsin, Brian Bahouth spoke with Gary Storck, a long-time cannabis activist in Wisconsin, co-founder of Is My Medicine Legal Yet and a board member of The League of Marijuana Voters, the group that recently posted the first medical marijuana billboard in Wisconsin … for the Cannabis Radio News …


Music credits as reported through the Public Radio Exchange, in order of appearance:
Title: Legal Medicine Blues
Artist: performed by The Avalons (Rick Harris and Mark Shanahan)
Date: 2001