I visited the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in 2003 on assignment for the NPR show Justice Talking and would produce a report about legalized prostitution. Security buzzed me through the gate. Inside what looked like a white trailer from the outside was a dark bar with neon trim and deep booths on the inside where customers selected their partners. The air was cool and clean as if it had been purified. The brothel’s public relations person escorted me through what looked like a brand new hotel to the room of Yvette, a tall black woman wearing a fire pink bikini. We shook hands, and she climbed onto her bed and propped herself on huge pink pillows. At the time, Yvette had been working at the Bunny Ranch for seven months, and here, she tells the story of how she left a life as a single mother and nail technician to become a legal sex industry worker. This is my unedited recording and was not intended to be heard as a stand-alone interview but excerpted and mixed with narration. Never-the-less, her story is compelling.