Smoking in a Colorado Parking Lot

Smoking in a Colorado Parking Lot

I lived and worked as a public radio reporter in various locations around Colorado for a dozen years, but this is my first time back since the implementation of Amendment 64, and I must say that the region has a hip swagger it did not have before the cannabis industry went legit, and I am well pleased.  This is the way it should be, legal and safe, and I visited three dispensaries in Boulder and purchased a small variety of products.

At The Farm, I bought a few grams of “Whiteout” because the bud-tender told me it tested at 23% THC.  At Karing Kind I purchased a few grams of “Deathstar” infused with kief and hash oil, as I have never had infused flowers.  And at Boulder Botanics I bought a gram of “Blue Cheese” wax.

And I was excited to sample my new purchases except that I am in a hotel that will fine you $500 if found smoking in your room.  Smoking in public is against the law, and I am not going to bust in on old non-smoker friends to sample my wax, and there are just a couple cannabis clubs, one in Denver and the other in Nederland, but neither is convenient to catch a quick buzz, so I believe, like many who visit Colorado these days, I went to my car in my hotel parking lot.  I looked out over a lovely park with the Rockies as backdrop and smoked up.

Both Boulder and Denver are phobic about cannabis clubs, and this lack of places to safely consume for Colorado’s many visitors and locals is a problem that needs fixing.  I have been sneaking tokes of cannabis for 40 years and am quite adept at getting high without being noticed, but in the name of public safety and what is right, my hope is that in days to come, Boulder and Denver and other cities embrace cannabis clubs …

But until then, I did not put the keys in the ignition (other than to open the window) and sat in the passenger seat to sample and rate my purchases … I recorded a few notes during the session and mixed the words with music … so take a few minutes and join me for a session …