On April 18, 2015, on the Town Common in Amherst, Massachusetts, nearly 10,000 people peacefully gathered for the 24th annual Extravaganja.  The UMass Amherst Cannabis Reform Coalition organized the event that featured local bands, speakers and a variety of vendors.  Attendees consumed cannabis in public without prosecution, and that there will likely be a marijuana legalization initiative on the 2016 Massachusetts ballot may especially energize student voters in a commonwealth with as many as 114 colleges and universities … for more, MJPM’s Brian Bahouth spoke with Delaney Ratner, an Extravaganja organizer for the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition … (8:14) …



Segue music heard in this interview features bands from Amherst, Massachusetts that played at Extravaganja, 2015.  Music credits listed in order of appearance as reported to the Public Radio Exchange:

Title: Troubled Mind
Artist: Mamma’s Marmalade
Duration: (:49)

Title: S&M
Artist: The Fallen Starlets
Duration: (:47)

Title: The First Band to Play on Mars
Artist: The First Band to Play on Mars
Recorded live at the Mt. Olympus Theatre, 2015
Duration: (:51)

Title: Okie From Muskogee
Artist: The Fallen Starlets
Duration: (1:09)