The hero of this story was a sailor in the US Navy … words, sounds and music …


Music credits as reported through the Public Radio Exchange, in order of appearance:

Title: Slip, Dip
Artist: Brian Eno
Album: The Drop
Label: All Saints Records
Year: 1997
Duration: (1:59)

Title:  Juba
Artist:  DJ Spooky
Album: Songs of a Dead Dreamer
Label: Asphodel Records
Year: 1996
Duration: (3:14)

Title: Northern Lights (2005 Digital Remaster)
Artist: Brian Eno
Album: More Music for Films
Label: EMI Europe Generic
Year: 2005
Duration: (1:26)

Title: Que Sest- Il Passe
Artist: Tommy Guerrero
Album: Lifeboats and Follies
Label: Galaxia Records
Year: 2011
Duration: (1:39)

Title: North To Alaska
Artist: Johnny Horton
Album: Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits
Label: Sony
Year: 1990 (originally released in 1960 on Capital Records)
Duration: (:34)