By Brian Bahouth:

Over the past year I watched several emotional hearings from the Pennsylvania state legislature via the internet to hear testimony on a medical marijuana bill and came away wanting to know more about the bill’s sponsor, state Senator Mike Folmer.   Based exclusively on what I saw and heard in a few hearings and a study of the bill’s language, my biased presumption was that Mike Folmer is a liberal Democrat from one of the state’s urban areas, but through a visit to his website, Lexis-Nexis search and our conversation I found he is a self-described social conservative Christian and represents the state’s 48th district, a region between Harrisburg and Reading, roughly 80 miles due west of Philadelphia as the crow flies.  In Lebanon County registered voters are almost 2 to 1 Republican, 94% white and have a median household income of roughly $54,000, a few thousand dollars above the national average.  Now in his second term, Senator Folmer has been an active and successful lawmaker with a dozen bills signed into law, but his legislation to establish a medical marijuana program in the state died, heavily amended, in a House of Representatives committee last session.  He has introduced another bill this session, and SB3 passed the Senate by a wide margin and now sits in the House Rules Committee awaiting a hearing … in this interview Mike Folmer describes his journey of learning about medical cannabis and the likelihood his medical marijuana bill will become law …



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Title: Plastic Heart
Artist: Jens Buchert
Album: Electronic Space Lounge – 1
Label: Jabu Records
Date: 2013
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