Today I celebrate the birthday of Saint-Simon, utopian socialist and advocate of women’s equality, born in 1760.  On this date in 1950, the “Salt of the Earth” strike began in Silver City, NM.  Strikers’ wives walked the picket lines for seven of the fourteen month strike.  And today in 1973, the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police murdered Pedro Bissonette, a leader of the Independent Oglala Nation.

Also today I am finishing the first complete text of my futuristic story The Message.  Set in an abandoned racquet and supper club, once the luxurious navel of doomed sprawl north of Reno …  I hope to cut an audio version by quitting time today and have text and audio to editors by Wednesday …

Also just completed a story board of a new piece titled Pancakes … had a satisfying reading response journal entry this morning after reading the delightful Shirley Jackson short story Flower Garden.

And the purple ash we planted five years ago is old and well enough to show off: