Observances 10-22-11

Today I am celebrating the birthday of Black Panther leader Bobby Seale, born in 1936. When I was at KVMR I did an hour long interview with Bobby about the Black Panther movement and the murder of Oscar Grant by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland. Happy birthday Bobby.

I am also happy to commemorate this date in 1963 when 225,000 student marched in Chicago against school segregation.

And changing the ending of my short story The Message (soon to be retitled) meant revisions began near the middle of the roughly 2,500 word piece; and rewrite continues today if this glorious fall weather does not distract …

Reading notes: considered fiction from ninety-one literary magazines and have whittled the list down to twenty-two pieces of short fiction for the Winter edition of My Audio Universe … must choose only a few for adaptation to audio. This show will be an international mix of writing … very exciting … and I also continue to enjoy Shirley Jackson short stories and John Cheevers’ journals … need more nonfiction in the mix …

Thinking snow:


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