Observances 11-3-11

This morning I want to look back to 11-01-11.  My dear friend Anthony Postman called on that day and reminded me that ten years ago, on 11-01-01, we decided to, in a special Thursday night broadcast, put a live Reggae show on KUNR instead of a canned jazz stream from some station in Chicago; and Reggae Fi’ Real was born.  KUNR’s program grid was a lifeless loaf of Wonder bread, and if I had anything to say about it as news director and co-station manager, KUNR would better represent the interests and thoughts of the communities it serves.  Ideally, each show has a connection to the area around the broadcast towers.  A few weeks before the decision that would curse Anthony to spend years of Thanksgivings spinning the best selections of reggae, dub and world music, he made a written proposal for the show, and I could feel the strength of his commitment.  And so this time my intuition was right.  Reggae Fi’ Real was on the air every Thursday for nearly eight years, until it was taken off the air in a step back to the Wonder bread format of programming.  Two days late, happy tenth anniversary to Reggae Fi’ Real.

Today I am also celebrating the 1972 Trail of Broken Treaties.  On this date in ’72, native American activists occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs building in Washington, DC.

And today I have taken a moment to remember five Communist Workers Party members who were murdered on this date in 1979.  The Ku Klux Klan and regional Nazis worked together to murder the five at an anti-Klan rally in Greensboro, NC.

And I am nearly done with the first audio draft of my short story Vespers … this piece has been on and off the shelf for two years, but I am determined to make it happen …

And last night I wrote the first half of a short short  story I titled The Price of Ursula’s Candy.  Hopefully written in the Shirley Jackson model of obliquely creepy short short stories.  I believe I will have this piece out for submission to lit mags before Vespers … let the plow follow water …

Lots on the recent reading docket … Spent the morning reading poetry … still searching for the pair of poets for the Winter edition of My Audio Universe.  Please have a look at the line up of writers we have for this edition … fabulous pieces …

The past few nights have been below freezing here in Reno, but before that, under weeks of sunny warm weather, my incidental roses bloomed like mad:


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