Hailing from upstate New York, we in the village of Fayetteville were somehow proud that two time president Grover Cleveland had spent some of his childhood in our town.  A sign marks the house; but my vague and distant pride in my home boy has been undercut, for on this day in 1887, President Grover Cleveland signed the Dawes Severalty Act into law.  The act splintered reservations and distributed smaller parcels to the members of the tribes and made the individual land holders subject to federal laws.  Passage and enactment of this law spelled the death of native sovereignty in America.

And yesterday, I spent a few hours answering phones and catching up with friends and staff at KVMR community radio for Nevada City, California.  They are in the midst of their fund drive, and I wish them good fortune in quickly achieving their financial goals.  The station reflects an amazing community of concerned and thoughtful citizens who rally around fabulous music and important news.  Glad to call KVMR the home of My Audio Universe – a literary magazine of sound.

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