I recently completed an informal study of all the known radio episodes of Dragnet starring Jack Webb, and my next listening project is a show titled Theater Five, all 260 episodes. Named Theater Five because it aired at 5:00 p.m., the show represents the last effort of a major network to revive radio drama, and ABC aired the first episode on Aug 3, 1964 and the last on July 30th, 1965.  I’ve sampled a handful of these shows, and the sound design marks a step forward from the tradition of strictly creating verisimilar soundscapes in radio drama.  The producers of Theater Five manipulated the scale of sound to create spaces most early radio drama did not, though sometimes their music and sound elements fall back on cliché, as you will hear.  Through the good graces of the Internet Archive, click on the graphic below for a trippy episode of Theater Five titled Dream of Death.