Today I celebrate May Day, kin to the Celtic festival of Beltrane and German celebration of Walpurgis Night.  Today is also International Workers Day.   On the calendar, the first of May is my favorite “cross-quarter” day, opposite of November 1st.

Today I also commemorate the birthday of Joseph Heller who created one of the most enduring testaments to the futility of war, his novel Catch 22.  What does a sane man do in an insane world?

And I am learning a lot this week as I contrast the short stories of Raymond Carver and William Trevor in my reading response journal.  In related news, I have audio and text of four pieces of flash fiction off to three magazines and one contest so far in 2012.

And on this date in 1991, baseball great Rickey Henderson became the all-time base stealing leader when he stole his 939th base to break Lou Brock’s record.  Henderson went on the steal 1,406 bases, nearly 500 more than the next closest player.  I am a lifetime Yankee fan and loved Rickey when he played for the Yanks, but no matter what team he played for, he added World Series caliber punch to the lineup.
On this date in 2003, George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln to proclaim “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq.  Bush said major combat operations were over.  We know now the deadly magnitude of that lie.  In my eyes, “W” and then vice president Dick Cheney are war criminals and should be tried in an international court as such.