I am pleased to announce that one of the short stories I adapted for My Audio Universe has been selected to be in an upcoming edition of the weekly hour-long show, Public Radio Remix – “the best of public radio.” The story was written by Tennessee based writer Kevin Wilson – Another Little Piece.  Reno actress Jamie Plunkett and I read.

And I am vexed.  I submitted audio of my short story Mittagessen to the Missouri Review’s annual audio contest, and the waiting is torture.  Tomorrow will be seven weeks since the deadline, and the expectancy is a constant distraction.  I am my own worst enemy and cannot stop checking my email to find out if I have won the contest … or not …

On this day in 1971, the final episode of the Honeymooners aired.  I quit television a long time ago and could not be happier for the state of my free will and reading list; but Jackie Gleason, through the television, long ago, had a significant effect on me.  Gleason’s sense of timing and humor logic is a part of me that will never go away.

seated L-R: Art Carney, Jackie Gleason. Standing: Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolf

Also on this day in 1960, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the birth control pill.  There are already too many people.  To make more is unethical.