The literary magazine Prime Number has decided to publish text and audio of my short short story set near Lake Tahoe – Ambrosia. Many thanks to the wise editors at Prime Number.  I’ll post a link to the piece when they publish.

And last week I took down my political blog, The Nevada Spectator.  The transition away from the filth and utter mind pollution of politics and the grueling work of a public radio reporting has been slow; but the end of the Spectator is the final exhale of my addiction to news and current affairs.  I am proud of the watchdog role the Spectator played during Nevada’s last legislative session, and the need for real media scrutiny in our state capital is an emergency; but for me, the opportunity costs are too high, and simply put, I do not want to be a part of the hideous milieu of Nevada state politics.  I cannot reconcile  its low stink on my hands and breath.  I saw Hunter Thompson speak in Boulder, CO many years ago, and he told the audience, “I  bear you all no malice; but you’re doomed.”  Only recently have I come to understand the truth of his words.

Yesterday may have been the last solar eclipse of my lifetime. My wife and I imaged the event through binoculars onto the back of a lawn chair and an index card.

Through openings in the tree canopy, images of the eclipse were projected on the ground.
Superdog was unimpressed.