Interview with a Homeless man on Van Ness Street in San Francisco – Larry

Over time I have recorded scores of on the street conversations with homeless people.  I don’t know what I am looking for but I know what I’ve found, and invariably these interviews inform my short fiction.  When we spoke in December 2009, Larry was a tall, toothless, African American man with a Jamaican tri-color hat packed with dreadlocks hanging down his back.  He bore all the wounds of a heroin addict, and of all the homeless I’ve recorded, Larry endures for his rational description of the fantastic world he inhabits while “asleep.”  I gave him a double-sized oatmeal cookie and asked how his Saturday was going …
Follow this link for an interview with Larry.

Music heard at the end of the interview is used by permission and the work of master downtempo artist Mujaji.

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