The Truckee River flows through Reno and Sparks, and for years I’ve occasionally walked the river trail asking people for their thoughts on the subject of psychic energy.  On August 18th, 2006 the temperature was near 100F, and the river and parks were crowded with swimmers and loungers.  I spotted a man and a woman seated on a bench just off the paved river trail.  They shared a bottle of something in a brown paper bag and smoked generic brand cigarettes.  She had shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing a tie-dyed halter top and jeans.  Her stomach was criss-crossed with stretch marks, and her teeth were rotting in-between and at the gum line.  I’d guess the man was in his late twenties too, and he was smaller and more feminine than the woman .  His hair was glam rocker bushy and black.  He wore a snug leather vest with no shirt.  The skin of his arms and face was alabaster white, and half his teeth were missing.  I asked if they believed in psychic energy.

The man and woman heard in this interview did not want to be identified. (6:58)